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The Real Causes of Acid Indigestion

April 6, 20169 min
Learn some simple tips for alleviating acid reflux, without turning to harmful medications.If you're suffering from acid indigestion, heartburn, or acid reflux, you may have turned to OTC or prescription medicines to help ease the burning pain.These medications work to lower the amount of acid in your stomach.The problem is, you need acid in your stomach. Acid plays a crucial role in killing off pathogens and bad bugs. Not having enough could lead to issues like bone fractures, pneumonia, and kidney disease.According to Carolyn Harrington, Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, there are better ways to reduce heartburn symptoms.One tip is to stop eating aggravating foods. While foods like tomato sauce and citrus fruits are often blamed, wheat, gluten and dairy can actually be the most problematic. Avoiding foods that give your gut grief may be enough to allow digestion to get back on track. It's also important to keep your gut flora healthy by eating fermented foods, taking probiotic, and staying away from sugar, which angers the bad bacteria.Carolyn advises eating smaller meals, drinking a lot of water, and incorporating aloe vera juice into your daily regimen.Listen in as Carolyn joins hosts Andrea and Lisa to share more simple tips for alleviating acid reflux, without turning to harmful medications. 

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