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5 winds of the Holy Spirit approaching 3 pt.2

September 14, 201639 min
Take a look at your faith in action lesson three and refresh your memory of what I’ve shared with you so you may KNOW and be PREPARED! FAITH IN ACTION LESSON 3 CRISIS #2—CRISIS OF THE FAMILY & CRISIS #3—CRISES OF THE CHURCH Over the last few decades and even now approaching, we are going to experience a devastating crisis of the family and unless you are SPIRITUALLY ALERT and PREPARED for what is happening, you will be overwhelmed. You must be prepared and equipped to face an even GREATER ONSLAUGHT OF THE ENEMY against your family in these final days before Christ’s return. Satan’s objective is to cause you to be so overwhelmed, preoccupied and worn out concerning problems in your family until you are unable to walk in the victory God has planned for you in this end time hour. Satan wants to sap your spiritual strength; and divert your attention away from what God wants to accomplish through you. Recognize a SPIRITUAL DIVISION is coming. Members of your family are either going to acc

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