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Crises to winds of the Holy Spirit Approaching series 1

February 20, 201759 min
GOD’S ENDTIME STRATEGY FOR THE CHURCH... SET A WATCH IN PRAYER! 1. In this day of spiritual destiny as we face the coming crises and the winds of the Spirit, our major strategy must be to SET A WATCH IN PRAYER. Step #1 - Shake yourself out of your spiritual sleep! Jesus’ coming is going to be SUDDEN...UNEXPECTED…WITHOUT WARNING. Therefore take spiritual inventory in your life. Ask yourself the following questions: Do I really believe Christ is coming soon? Am I anxiously looking, expecting Him to come? Have I become too busy with the cares of this life, seeking to fulfill my own desires that I have become unaware of the lateness of the hour? What am I doing to prepare myself and warn my unsaved loved ones of the judgments that are coming upon this earth? Step #2 - Be constantly on guard and spiritually alert! Just as in the natural a WATCH is set and the soldier is on guard for around the clock duty...24 hours a day...you must also set a watch IN THE SPIRIT. You must not let your guard

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