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Breaking America... Change in Education.

September 1, 20157 min
Tune in Live for The Weekly Rundown on Tuesday Night as we talk about what's happening in America. We will talk about everything from America falling into dept to many american's losing their jobs. How much more can America survive before we can no longer survive from the crash America is currently experiencing. You can interact with us Live via Social Media by using #BreakingAmericaLive. We will be talking about change in education plus so much more. DONATE TO THE SHOW LIVE ON AIR... SUPPORT 102.DLG RADIO GET XSPLIT: JOIN MCN FREEDOM BY USING REFERENCE LINK BELOW GET YOUR RADIO AUTOMATION SOFTWARE CALL IN LIVE: (407)459-7988 CALL VIA SKPE: Da.Latin.Groove.Radio.Show TWITTER: @DLGRadioOrlando OFFICIAL WEBSITE:

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