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SeaWorld Protests Gets Fishy & More!!!

August 19, 2014111 min
Tune in Live with Dj Friktion & The Professor for The Weekly Rundown from 7pm - 9pm EST. Tonight we will be talking about the recent Sea World & the Activist protesting against the Company. There has been over 70 Accidents & 3 Deaths in the past 30 year's. We will talking about the History of Music & where it's going. Plus we will open up the Listener Mail Bag. This & so much more... come join us for the first time Live over at we will be Live in Chat. Spread that love!!!! 102.DLG RADIO NETWORK IS BROUGHT TO YOU IN PART BY OUR PARTNERS: GET XSPLIT: JOIN MCN FREEDOM BY USING REFERENCE LINK BELOW GET YOUR RADIO AUTOMATION SOFTWARE CALL IN LIVE: (407)459-7988 CALL VIA SKPE: Da.Latin.Groove.Radio.Show TWITTER: @DLG_Radio_Show OFFICIAL WEBSITE:

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