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#039: The Best Daily Rituals for High Energy and Rockin' Productivity [Podcast]

March 23, 201438 min
What you do every day matters -- a lot. In this week's episode of The 5 AM Miracle Podcast I share the best daily rituals for amazing energy and incredible productivity. Photo Credit: morberg via Compfight cc Daily rituals matter both in the short-term and even more so over the long-run as the small choices you make compound into huge success. The daily rituals that I have implemented are both helpful for me and highly actionable for you -- right now -- today. Listen to Episode #039 Subscribe to the Show To make sure you don't miss a single episode of the podcast, subscribe with your favorite platform. iTunes iHeartRadio Stitcher Spreaker RSS Rate the Podcast [how-to video] If you enjoyed the show, please rate and review my podcast in iTunes. I recorded a quick 2-minute video to show you exactly how it's done. This will help tremendously in getting the word out. Thanks a bunch! Behind the Scenes This week I introduce a NEW segment in the podcast called Behind the Scenes. Every week I will bring you a personal story that highlights a recent success in my life or something I am struggling with. In my first Behind-the-Scenes segment, I make a quick announcement about my recent website re-design. Tip of the Week This week's tip is a great iPhone app that I use every day in the car to record my ideas with my voice and then email myself the transcription. Say it Mail it App [iOS app] Here are two Android apps that offer similar features to Say it Mail it. Dragon Dictation [Android app] Evernote for Android  [Android app] Featured Content In this week's episode, I share a few of the best rituals for daily success, including . . . Why I get up early every day -- even on the weekends. 7 benefits of positive daily rituals. How the right morning rituals make you more productive all day. Resources Mentioned in the Show The Weekly Review Checklist [last episode of the podcast] Daily Rituals Spreadsheet [download the template] Eat That Frog [book by Brian Tracy] Water Before Coffee [blog post] Should I Buy a Vitamix? [blog post] Inbox Zero [blog post] Announcements If you’re looking to significantly boost your productivity, I think you would love The 5 AM Blueprint, which is an affordable way to get direct, customized feedback from me to create an effective schedule for your ideal day. You can learn much more at To join The 5 AM Club, get a FREE copy of The 5 AM Miracle eBook, AND jump-start your morning, visit For my next podcast episode I will be discussing Equilibrium Zero. We will talk about how to keep your life simple in every way you possibly can. Leave a Voice Message If you have a question or comment that you would like me to address on the podcast itself, I highly encourage you to send me a voice message, which I will play on the show. You can also email me your questions and comments. Download the Transcript Here you have access to the word-for-word transcript of the entire episode of the podcast. Actually, it's the exact outline and script I use to record the show. Enjoy! Download the Transcript.

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