The 5 AM Miracle with Jeff Sanders

10 Productivity Hacks for Working From Home [Podcast #153]

May 29, 201633 min
More people work from home now than ever before, which means more people don't have a boss watching their every move than ever before. In this week's episode of The 5 AM Miracle Podcast I discuss 10 productivity hacks for working from home, and how you can cut pesky distractions, stay focused, and get more done today. Photo Credit: via Compfight cc The 5 AM Miracle Podcast: Episode #153 Subscribe in iTunes Download the Script Here you have access to the script that I use to record each episode. This is not a complete word-for-word transcript, though it does provide you with a detailed account of what I do to produce every episode of this podcast. Download the script. Resources Mentioned in the Show * Win a FREE pair of Jabra Headphones [New winner chosen every month!] * Begin Your FREE 30-Day Trial of FreshBooks [no credit card required] * Join The 5 AM Miracle Community [Connect with over 2,000 ambitious high-achievers] * Telecommuting Statistics [Lots of fun data here] * 201

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