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News Headlines 2/15/14

February 15, 20144 min
INFO YOUTUBE: Brock's Music: AA FACEBOOK: TWITTER: TUMBLR: The news behind the Leftist bias Stories: Krauthammer: Obama, the Job Killer When do liberal policies ever create wealth? Krugman: Dignity Comes from Government Handouts You could spend a week deconstructing this one column. Another Judge, Another Day, Another Blow to Marriage Doesn’t matter what the voters think, it only matters what a judge finds “Constitutional.” Somehow I doubt Alexander Hamilton and James Madison had same sex marriage in mind when they wrote the nation’s foundational document. Oh, I forgot, it’s a living thing. Susan Patton Talks More Sense to Women This time in the pages of the WSJ. Note: she’s featured in our Tammy Bruce course, Feminism 2.0 Presidents and the Bible There’s a very strong link. Really Want to Make Incomes Equal? This is what it would take. Blow Comments on Clarence Thomas Racism is vaporous but institutional and systemic. Figure that one out. OJ Simpson Depressed, Contemplating Suicide Switzerland Votes for Immigration Quotas; Norway Could Be Next Apparently, people are attracted to their great welfare benefits. When Did Faith Fade? The New Yorker does a long review of a new book and asks the question.

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