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The News Headlines 2/5/14

February 5, 201415 min
INFO YOUTUBE: Brock's Music: AA FACEBOOK: TWITTER: TUMBLR: The news behind the Leftist bias Stories: It’s Official: Third Hand Smoke Kills There’s a study now, so it must be true. Mass Transit Madness at Super Bowl If this is the future, give me the past. More on Mass Transit Debacle Here’s the NYT report. Another Racist Hoax Exposed and Forgotten There have been a lot of these. And no one ever suffers any consequences. Here’s the Boston Globe News Story about the Hoax It’s very much downplayed. But if the football players didn’t do it, who did? Oscars Rescind Nomination from Christian Film Best song. Very unusual and very strange. New ObamaCare Screw Up: No One Can Fix Insurance Mistakes When people discover they’ve been given the wrong policy, there’s no one there to help them make it right. How States Scam the Federal Government for Food Stamp Money This is an editorial from the liberal editors of USAToday. LAT: Don’t Approve Keystone Don’t listen to the State Dept. Listen to the EPA. They have the real experts.,0,5029170.story#axzz2sFvpG4hp The CBO Now Thinks ObamaCare Will Be a Disaster A job destroyer. Even the NYT Takes Notice But so what? They’re not going to change their mind about its wonderfulness, are they? Here’s How the WSJ Sees It More proof of what may be the worst federal program ever. Inequality Is Out for Dems, Opportunity Is In They steal another Republican idea and ruin it. NYC School Kids to Get Two New Muslim Holidays The Chinese get one, too. A DiBlasio innovation. Well, why not a day for Hinduism, Mr Mayor? NYT: NY Assembly Shouldn’t Withhold Funding from Anti-Semitic Academic Group Because it would chill free speech. So, New York state should support the group? I read this a couple of times and couldn’t understand the Gray Lady’s logic. Do you? Columbia Coeds Film “Feminist Porn” in School Library More distinction for the Ivy League. Schlafly: Immigrants Aren’t Conservative This is the piece that Ann Coulter said was coming out this week. Here it is. Obama Has Added Nearly $7T to

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