The Cindy Paulos Show

be with God today

October 25, 20162 min
what are you waiting for, what is the delay what chains might hold you what maya binds you from truth and keeps you from being with God today what are you running from what is that hidden pain that keeps you from the realization that you can discover the truth of creation today for it's here right now it's in each breath it's the energy that's in all life it's the light of the soul in the eyes you can spend your days anyway you want in life playing all the games but there will always come a time where you awaken and realize that there is so much more that awaits there comes a moment that you see it's finally time to set yourself free and you look up to the morning star and sit under a Bodhi tree to merge that very source of all life to find that sacred key and discover you are finally ready to be face to face with God to awaken to a higher reality and open the door to experience infinity

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