The Cindy Paulos Show

Behold the Beauty of Creation

April 18, 20171 min
behold the beauty of creation that asks how deep can we fearlessly dive Into depth of the miracle of Eternity Reflected in the mirror of a God so undefined Can we truly believe with all our hearts and souls that we are part of plan a solution for evolution of all humans we hold the seed that will blossom into the flower of enlightenment right in our hands can we offer to let go finally freed at the alter of ego with our sacred commitment to be able to stand naked in the light of the Christ and let God Words guide us to be free Behold the mystery of Creation this cosmic dance of dark and light accompanied by the hearts sweet song a sacred hymn sung by the Father and Mother that entrances us with their love to find our truth and carry on til that flower of creation blossoms and we can finally behold a way to become the promise fulfilled and hold the Christ light in our souls

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