The Cindy Paulos Show


September 28, 20162 min
the returning is spoken with whispers to soul the pulling magnet with life's pulse that remembers our source and knows and call us to come home for in our hearts of heart love remains no matter how far we have strayed this Calling home is a promise once made the light of the dream awakes to the miracle that is alive with creations living space with the greatest love that still in place the calling of love that speaks our true name the heart knows the seeds and claims with the power in God that remains in our Father and Mothers embrace that allows us to learn in our own way til their is that sound that's heard the whisper and the feeling that observes we are but a part of a greater whole and in time we will merge with our soul to complete our mission to understand our goal to hear that calling and know it's time to follow the calling and go snd the hearts secret unfolds to guide us to the moment and behold of halls of heavens blessed home so listen in silence and hear

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