The Cindy Paulos Show


March 13, 20171 min
deeper and deeper we delve into the path that leads within touching the hidden dimensions of what has no beginning or end we are shadows of God's thought grasping to try to understand the truth of the one Sons birth in us fulfilling this lifetimes plan in humans as we open up our eyes to what we can really be all the possibilities of choice are waiting for us awaken and see if we really care what we can do to reach that moment of enlightenment we can find in life what it is we seek we bow to the Masters and teachers we knock on the door to find the answers we've been waiting for we're always there inside and it plays out every moment in the way we live our life and God is our constant companion and His Son can carry in us that cross of light for we are the living light of God we are can choose to be the disciples of the divine pattern awakening to a higher reality

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