The Cindy Paulos Show

face the Face of Truth

December 31, 20162 min
face the face of truth where everything is seen all the motivation and all the secret dreams in time it all comes out all those inner hidden secrets all the shadows of worthiness and doubt and it's time that we redeem for what was lost will be found yes in time it all comes out everything is transparent there in Gods eyes every motivation every desire for we are all part of Gods creation all stardust born of one breath of fire do not be afraid do not run and hide in time we all find out why what happens happens sometimes we will cry and in time we will smile this school of life will present us with so many lessons this year has certainly had thrown us new thoughts and some seeds to plant for the future growth and we can overcome challenges that life bestows what we want and we come to understand sometimes we must let go for there is a long and winding road with many strange encounters to show that lead us eventually back to home so face the face of the future

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