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Glimpses of Eternity

November 18, 20162 min
you are a song of creations music what song would you choose to sing you are a blossom of such great beauty what fragrance do you wish to behold you are a brilliant star of morn a child of the universe on earth just here on Earth for a very short time don't let the darkness block your light listen to yourinner callingy let it out to heard breathe in the hopethere in your soul let God's Love blossom forth oh sweet child of the universe no one can ever deny the gift you are to the world so precious in God'ss eyes you are creations song you are miracle of love ask for the Holy Mother to help to heal your heart so you may know that you are worthy and you areloved you hold in your hands God's blessings to share with others you know so reach your arms to heaven and find that power inside and be grateful for this opportunity to find your purpose and fulfill your true destiny - [ ]

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