The Cindy Paulos Show

How Deep

October 5, 20161 min
how deep do you dive into the infinite light that breaths it's very life into the conscience spirit you find how far do you reach do becom the silence that you repeatedly seek to appear before God's holy feet what do you leave behind when there is an urgent call that you must answer that removes the attachments of the mind til you are stripped and stand alone before the alter of the Creators throne and all you had is now gone and you are free and merged with the One what will it take to face that day that comes to all who seek the way and so we all just fall on our knees and pray for the power to face the truth and the higher place that lead us to that place of Grace and all we are and all we've done was just a dream of life sweet song til we awaken and become merged with the love of the Father, Mother and divine Son

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