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I Accept God

December 30, 20162 min
I accept God into my consciousness I accept God into my life I accept the holy Mother and her loving presence so full of light I breathe in this very energy from the sacred well the purifying entity Christs sacred force compels with the blessed Master here to guide me on I offer up my Will to God to serve the Holy one let the light come shining through the darkness here to overcome the difficulties and clear away our fear sacred power of heavens fire Holy Spirit so divine activate your energy and let it now be claimed as mine to bring more good into our lives with an understanding that forgiveness brings to overcome the past hurt so we can give more peace that this world so needs with God all things are possible and when we really choose to set our goal on the goodwill there will be a shift in people's views we thank you for this gift for you love that is ever in the hearts of man and we vow to carry on and work together for the Higher plan

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