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knock and door will open

January 20, 20172 min
the Lord is knocking at your door are you ready to be present and receive the unconditional love of the Holy one so adored or do you wonder what will happen and what He will see in your heart that has been locked for so long you don't know how make a new start Do you not feel worthy or have turned away in fear from the presence of the Lord waiting there can you find the long path to that sacred Door and knock so that he can hear that his beloved child is there Are you ready to meet face to face And be blessed with His forgiving grace you release the pain of the past and start on the path to heal yourself at last you can love yourself others too for God loves all his children including you and you are worthy if you believe that this greatvlove will set you free and there is always Candle that's burning in that sacred meeting place and if you knock the door will open where the divine presence within awaits the rooster calls and the new day is here it's time to awak

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