The Cindy Paulos Show


December 18, 20162 min
deep so deep the knots that tie will bind until the day is reached where you can free the blocks that have cluttered up your life all that anger all despair all the things you fear all the hurts found within times shrine should be seen and accepted to be released to spirit and not confined mercy mercy mercy the oil of the annionted one does bring to understand and forgive the past and set the longing Heart free for the love that's waiting can no longer be ignored and with wings that soar it flies free to heavens door and those knots that have held you down are untied and now you've found the smile of God's great Grace unites reaches you in an embrace so divine the cosmic dancing wheel engages you and reveals there is a star whose light does shine that is alive eternally in the universal mind and you can reach so high to see God s face is alive in all of those creations right here in space and time

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