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my Sacrament

March 17, 20171 min
so this is my perception an awareness of what I see this field of light I breathe in a gift of such great mystery part of the one awakening and the silence that hides within these particles of creation a never ending love with no beginning or end my prayers are wishes sent to God and released to a will greater than mine and Gods prayer is in me alive So I to try to live a better life and these miracles sometimes happen these pearls of mana poured forth from the soul that mirror the universe and our conception help to guide us ever on and I consume more than I can use so I give it all away and ask for more still to come to lead me to the souls uncharted place and these precious moments of life that feed the deeper grace I offer up as my sacrament to God's divine embrace I thank the Father and the Mother I reach out to the Christ each day to be the pilgrim on the path if enlightenments strange undefined way

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