The Cindy Paulos Show

Step into who you are

December 23, 20162 min
step into who you are embody the whole of that role that needs the total intent of all that you can behold for there is no room for vacancies in this life there is no empty place to hide except to face the truth of truths that is waiting there inside reach out and take that invisible robe the one that protects the soul whose invisible beauty glows with that energy that you have always known step into your life and embrace the total light that cuts through any despair and calls forth the commitment to care you have the blessings of the angels you have nothing to fear you can live out your dreams with the gift of heavenly means the beloved mother smiles and watches over you day and night call upon her power in your darkest hours step into your life and shine forth the holy light join the legions of angels it's time for your rebirth As we honor Christ on birth earth

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