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step into your Bliss

January 19, 20172 min
Are you ready to step into your bliss to feel joy and wonder every day and to be embraced by miracles and this mystic kiss of being for God is the one creator the one great source of all I call upon that force in me to create a life where I become whole God wants His children to be Happy not to live in misery we each have a unique gift in life to share our vision and dreams with God all things are possible we must believe in our hearts this is true have a little faith my friend and do with joy what you need to do you can fulfill your potential you have the power inside you see your life is your palette to co-create the life you wish it to be you have the power inside you don't let anything bring you down you can truly be happy and turn the frown upside down step into your bliss open your heart to receive the life you want is waiting if you can just believe

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