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The inner flame

January 12, 20172 min
somewhere here there is the flame that burns so bright inside i wonder is it even visible to the outer world where I reside am I the inbreath or out breath or the space right there between am I past the very moment where I can really be involved in an realitys worn out dream let me burn with spirit's breath may it clear away the past so I can see the vision of the highest light that lasts on the in breath I am hoping to be at that moment of Christ's peace that is where I reach that space where I can feel complete and for a half a second there is a burst of light that touches my ancient soul til I come back to experience the reality of the life I know so I pray to merge the way of the mystic path I follow to find the best of both the worlds of the in and the out that calls us always and lord I feel you there somewhere sometimes just out of reach perhaps your on the mountain top looking down at me and Mother Mary reaches out and offers me her compassionate hand and in

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