The Cindy Paulos Show

The souls presence

February 4, 20171 min
our hungry minds seek the truth our starving hearts need to feel what is the most important purpose that directs our true destiny we are always being feed by spirit with never ending threads of radiant light this smile of our eternal soul holds such beauty to remind us how to grow silently is always is present waiting for us to just recognize we can choose to be a disciple with the calling to find a higher path in life with each breath we breathe each revelation that brings us to the brink of really being able to see the glimpses of this precious truth is real our chance to be with the absolute and realize we have always tried to seek the path that leads us to be free and to understand that silent prayer that with faith and courage takes us there and in this moment we can find the answers that so clearly will remind us we are always present here with Spirit and the Teacher is inside Creations space and time

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