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This spirit that feeds our soul

December 27, 20162 min
when we recognize the source within us we wonder at the spirit that feeds our soul we bathe in the light that allows us to see the truth of who we are and what we can be for we are created from the breath of love we are aware that God is alive in every particle of creation is the living light of heaven above we are alive through the grace of Spirit we reflect the same complicit energy as that in the sun the stars and the moon all part of the dust holding a cosmic memory here to experience the gift of living and learning how to evolve we pray how we can all live on this planet together Here in millions of such creative ways and so we look to the stars and we take the time to meditate and pray we discover the mysteries of the universe and we figure out our purpose each day we honor our Divine Father and Holy Mother and the Christ and our teachers of the light and we go out to the school yard and learn how to play out our role in life and we become these instruments t

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