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why do Pray

March 1, 20173 min
thank you God for each and every day and lead us to live with love and pray for us be kind and to watch what we say and shine your light to show us the way why do we pray why do we pray do we need a little help to find our way out of wilderness to a better place are we begging the Father to show us the Way why do we pray why do we pray are we lighting a candle are we closing our eyes are we down on our knees asking God to bring peace of mind are we begging and pleading for some healing to e done Do we need a miracle to happen and a happy ending to come are we even aware that God is here and we can always come to terms with ourself if we take time to be aware that we can talk to God and share our cares yes miracles do occur and prayers can be heard but sometimes when they don't we have to accept and see the bigger picture here can we embrace life come what may with it's moments of joy the good and the bad things and whatever happens each day Can we learn to pray alw

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