The Drive with Alan Taylor

A New Generation of Automotive Passion | SEGMENT 1 | #285

April 13, 20175 min
A Bugatti in the living room? Sure. A bunch of hot rods peppered throughout the property? You bet. Automotive sculptures so beautiful they could make a grown man cry? We expect nothing less at the dwelling of renowned artist, Stanley Wanless. Alan and crew toured Stanley's home and the automotive passion was palpable! Rudy serves as a prime example, not only can a passion for cars be a great hobby, but it can turn into a career with many avenues to explore. Rudy isn't the only role model for car-loving youngsters - There are many people inspiring younger generations to pursue a career in the automotive industry. Tony Bowie, Employee Development Manager of the Southwest Research Institute (SWRI), is ready to instill a passion for the car industry into our youth and has found the perfect venue to do just that. The Shell Eco-marathon is just around the bend, and SWRI will be looking for tenderfooted gear-heads who love cars and technology at their booth. Learn more about the Shell Eco-marathon and SWRI's involvement now. | Listen to Full Episode #285 Learn more about guests and topics featured in this segment... Guest: Tony Bowie ? Bio: Tony Bowie ? Company: Southwest Research Institute ? Website: ? Twitter: @SwRI ? Facebook: /southwestresearch ? Instagram: @southwestresearchinstitute Featured Event: Shell Eco-marathon ? Website: ? Twitter: @shell_ecomar ? Facebook: /Shell ? Instagram: @shell_ecomarathon ? YouTube: /Shell Other Helpful Links: ? Website:

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