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Austin Hatcher Foundation Opens Hot Hatches Shop | SEGMENT 3 | #275

January 28, 20177 min
When it comes to cancer, it's important to know that you're not alone. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of programs to help families through tough times. This became all too apparent to Amy Jo and Jim Osborn after losing their eight week old son to cancer. To ensure that other families don't have to battle the 'Big C' alone, Amy and Jim created the Austin Hatcher Foundation, a support system designed to enrich the quality of life for kids with cancer as well as their families. Coming soon in 2017 is a new therapy center, Hot Hatches Shop, and it's nothing short of inspirational. In an automotive-themed therapy center, kids can work on cars to help tune their fine motor skills which cancer treatment tends to diminish. The center will provide families with something to do that is both educational and therapeutic. Time to get inspired, click now. Listen Now or Download to Enjoy Later: ? Listen to Full Episode #275 ? Download Segment 3 Segment 3 Takeaway: The Austin Hatcher Foundation wants to help families through the tough times of cancer therapy with the fun and educational Hot Hatches Shop. *** Learn more about guests and topics featured in this segment... Guest: Amy Jo Osborn ? Bio Guest : Jim Osborne ? Bio Guest Company: Austin Hatcher Foundation ? Website ? Twitter ? Facebook ? Instagram Event: SEMA ? Website ? Twitter ? Facebook ? Instagram

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