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Race $500 Cars at 24 Hours of LeMons | SEGMENT 6 | #285

April 13, 20176 min
Does a long-ass endurance race with a terrible (and CHEAP) car sound like your idea of a good time? For automotive journalist, George Kennedy III, it may be heaven. 24 Hours of LeMons is a car race with an alarmingly inexpensive spending cap of $500 per vehicle (not including safety features such as brakes and tires). George has witnessed some very bizarre cars out on the track, the most notable of which was a Monte Carlo body on a Toyota LR chassis. This is a REAL race complete with a unique set of wacky rules; if you don't stay on the track, then you must either solve a trigonometry problem in pit row or drive with a person saran-wrapped to the top of your car - Yeah, wacky. Join us for more on the irresistibly eccentric event. | Listen to Full Episode #285 Learn more about guests and topics featured in this segment... Guest: George Kennedy III ? Bio: George Kennedy ? Twitter: @GKenns101 ? Facebook: /george.kennedy.18062 ? Instagram: @gkenns101 ? Company Affiliations: ? Website: Boston Globe ? Website: US News ? Website: Featured Event: 24 Hours of LeMons ? Website: 24HRS of LeMons ? Twitter: @24HoursOfLeMons ? Facebook: /24hoursoflemons ? Instagram: @24hoursoflemons ? YouTube: /24hoursoflemons

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