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What Really Happened to Sonny Bono?

October 31, 201372 min
Alex re-opens the case of Sonny Bonos death superposed ’ski accident’ and talks with the foremost expert on the subject, Bob Fletcher. WHO IS BOB FLETCHER? BUSINESSMAN, INVESTIGATOR, FILM PRODUCER, SPEAKER, AUTHOR AND ALL AROUND GOOD GUY ! Fletcher was interviewed during the Iran-Contra hearings and was a deposed witness for the Christic Institute’s 24 million dollar legal proceedings against the Iran-Contra lineup. He is a founding member of the Militia of Montana. What really happened to Sonny Bono? Fletcher exposes incredible information about arms dealings, government corruption, and assassination. He provides astounding information on how Sonny Bono was murdered, and toward the end of the interview reveals something that left me stunned. Before you dismiss the mind-blowing revelations in this interview, consider this; Bob was one of the first people to ever expose Weather Weapons. Here he is on CSPAN over a decade ago;

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