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1/12/18 - Too Busy To Care (Rand Paul & Bill O'Reilly join Glenn)

January 12, 2018113 min
Hour 1  FISA fiasco...Choose the Constitution or nothing ...We are all too busy to pay attention  ...Why did President Trump cancel his trip to London? ...Are President Trump’s comments about third-world countries really that big of a deal?...Glenn has an analogy that shows his viewpoint ...Sen. Rand Paul joins the show to discuss FISA and the neighbor who attacked him…how many broken ribs? being mugged twice?... ‘Mike Lee and I are leading the way’ on FISA...any chance it doesn't pass?...Stop spying on private immigration vs. illegal immigration   Hour 2  The gatekeepers have changed…Be your own social media...Social Media Platforms ...Bill O'Reilly Friday...Is the president losing support for being too ‘bombastic’?...Bill’s ‘word of the day’...the media now back to the white supremacist narrative... ‘the president is tired and angry’ and ‘not disciplined enough’...boosting in a bombastic way... ‘Barack Obama is behind Oprah’...the word is that Barack Obama is furious with President Trump? ...Flashback to 1980: What President Reagan had to say about Haiti    Hour 3  Banning best friends while going potty with Nancy? long until our kids are just all chained together? will find a way...Hoping for dinosaurs? Glenn’s pterodactyl solution...Greenpeace periodic table pansies ...Callers share their thoughts with Glenn ...Lacking 'emotional intellect' ...Somebody get the duct tape? ...'Stop Shooting Yourself in the Foot!’? ...Start listening with our heads, hearts and to each other   The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck and Stu Burguiere, Weekdays 9am–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio

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