Earnestly Speaking Live

May 11, 2015126 min
Hosted by Earnest 'EJ' Christian and Gee Steelio Guest Co-Host: Rosalyn Ross HOUR #1 *The crew opens the show talking about how EJ and Gee met in person for the first time in New York last week. EJ believes Gee is even more insane in person than he is on air. The guys also react to the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight from last weekend. *THE HOT FIVE: Ed Reed, Bill Simmons, Marcus Mariota, Kevin Love, Madden â??16 Cover *We love our weekly segment with Lang Greene aka. 'The Jersey Hershey' of Basketball Insiders. We discusses his thoughts on the NBA playoffs, and predicts whether Kevin Love will leave Cleveland this summer. *The crew goes into more discussion on Bill Simmons and ESPN parting ways and all agree that Simmons will be best off starting fresh and start his own company. They all agree he outgrew ESPN a long time ago. The guys also create a new segment off the cuff called "Reading Antwan Staley's Tweets" in tribute to show contributor, friend and journalist Antwan Staley. HOUR #2 *W

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