TSCRN Special:Ladies of Fantasy Football

August 25, 2014119 min
The Mad Scientist is on break, but the lab remains open, as Dr. Pamela Michelle of Sports Infusion and Sports Radio One brings her brand of smarts and sass to create TSCRN's newest experiment - "The Ladies of Fantasy Football". Joining Pamela as her special guest assistant will be none other than "Her Fantasy Football"'s own (and ESPNW contributor) Brandon Marianne Lee. Scheduled to join them as their test subjects will be Allie Fontana of and "Maximus & the Bartender" and Renee Miller of FantasyInsiders, rotoViz, The Fake Football and more. More guests will be joining throughout the night, so be sure to tune in and listen to Pamela and Brandon concoct new experiments, and show why this isn't just a man's game anymore, as the "Ladies of Fantasy Football" show why they dominate at their craft. The beacons will be lit, and the experiments will be aplenty, and the lab is open for business.

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