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Scary Fitness Mistakes

October 26, 201513 min
Fitness Mistakes In this episode of the Outside Health and Fitness podcast we talk about common fitness mistakes with scary consequences. On Today’s show you’ll discover... ... some of the most common fitness mistakes (some you might even be making) and the scary consequences that can result from these simple errors; ... and you'll hear from guest experts on the best ways to avoid these mistakes so you get the most from your next workout, or outside adventure. call the show: 207-370-9797 email: Common Fitness Mistakes Fitness Mistake #1 Static Stretching Cold Muscles Static stretching cold muscles Can lead to torn and tight muscles. Better to warm-up with dynamic movements and stretch once your muscles are warm. Fitness Mistake #2 Skipping Your Warm Up Skipping a warm-up before lifting weights for example, can result in torn muscles and with cardiovascular exercise, could raise your heart rate too fast. Fitness Mistake #3 Not Staying Sufficiently Hydrated Bec

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