This Little Parent Stayed Home

Let's get you across that finish line!

October 18, 201665 min
Never in a million years did I expect this... While I am super ambitious, I'd been frustrated for years because it felt like my finish line kept getting moved. My dream of being a television talk show host was being dangled like a carrot in front of my nose, but always just out of my reach. I began to think my dream would never come true... So... I simply gave up. I was DONE. Tired of having hope, tired of working hard without results, tired of knocking on doors that never opened and tired of watching my life pass me by. I had no more joy in the journey... so I threw in the towel. AND THAT IS WHEN IT HAPPENED... Suddenly the creator/producer was calling me to book my flight for filming, contracts were signed and I was meeting my cast and crew... a group of people I had never met, but in the course of a mere weekend became like family to me. I had to pinch myself a few times to be sure it was REALLY HAPPENING! Often times the greatest rewards come only when we surrender. On Today's

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