This Little Parent Stayed Home

Momprenuer Management

December 2, 201460 min
Time Management... a whole 'nother science for moms---especially those who are also homeschooling or building a career at home. It often seems that our to-do list is never ending. Ask any work-at-home mom and she'll tell you that the most difficult challenge faced as we transitioned from our corporate jobs into self-employment was learning to manage our time effectively and efficiently. Stop trying to fit your life into someone else's calendar. Contrary to what some time management experts will tell you, we DO NOT all have the same amount of hours in a 24 hour day. While all moms struggle with managing their time to adapt to the demands of personal, family and professional priorities simultaneously, moms who run their own businesses have even more to squeeze into the same 24 hours per day. If anything, mompreneurs have learned to defy the laws of time, bringing the rest of small business to its knees. A new perspective of time. We were drawn into self-empl

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