This Little Parent Stayed Home


September 23, 201459 min
DID YOU KNOW → The mommy demographic completely dominates social media with more than 26 million tech-savvy moms? And why not? Our portal to the cyber world gives us an unlimited platform for SAVVYNESS. We use Facebook and Instagram to share family pics and adorable kid videos, we share recipes, craft projects, and household organization ideas via Pinterest, and we stay current (and hip!) in pop culture with Twitter and YouTube. Don't underestimate the power of MOM Social media gives us an endless space to effect CHANGE ---and our domination of these platforms has caused bigger businesses to embrace our social clout. Trust and reputation are all-important in today’s connected world of moms and current research suggests that we are still the leaders in consumer impact. DON'T MESS with THE MOM MAFIA!! Social Media Empowers Moms By nature, Moms are problem solvers. Not only are we poised and ready for the slightest challenge to come our way, we THRIVE on finding solutions. Des

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