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TWiT 596: President Zuck

January 8, 2017144 min
CES 2017: The year of Alexa. Apple has "a great holiday," but misses 2016 sales targets. Mark Zuckerberg could run for President and still run Facebook. Samsung gets a fourth-quarter profit, even after Note 7 recall. Russia demands that Google and Apple pull LinkedIn from their stores.Phillip Elmer-DeWitt thinks the best reporting out of CES was one woman's Hunter S. Thompson-esque acid trip.Clayton Morris thinks President of the USA would be a big step DOWN for ZuckerbergLeo's New Year's resolution: no more saying the "A word" on air. Host: Leo Laporte Guests: Kara Swisher, Clayton Morris, and Philip Elmer-DeWitt Download or subscribe to this show at for This Week in Tech is provided by CacheFly.

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