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Judge James Gray At Large - 07/18/14

July 18, 201460 min
DEBATE ON LEGALIZED MARIJUANA TO BE BROADCAST Judge Jim Gray to Advocate for Legalization Opposite Dr. Kevin Sabet GOLDEN, CO—Former federal prosecutor, judge advocate for the Navy JAG corps and Superior Court Judge Jim Gray (Ret.) is in the Denver area this week meeting with media and civic groups and preparing for a debate this Wednesday on the merits of marijuana legalization, regulation and control. Judge Gray is a member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, a group of law enforcement officials who believe that prohibiting illicit drugs only serves to empower the criminal networks that sell them, wastes law enforcement time and resources, contributes to racial disparities in the justice system, saddles people who would be better served by treatment with criminal records and ultimately is ineffective at reducing use. "The essential question is, would you rather have government regulators and legitimate business owners deciding how marijuana is grown, what it's laced with, and

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