Time 4 Hemp

PT 001 - Time 4 A Marijuana Christmas

December 23, 201390 min
We jump into the spirit of the holiday season with a two-part special presentation featuring many of his friends along with amazing marijuana Christmas music that is perfect to smoke-out to while taking Time 4 Hemp! Stopping by for a visit in this segment are: Neal Smith (Indiana NORML); Steve Hager (High Times magazine); Ethan Nadelmann (founder of th Drug Policy Alliance); Chris Conrad and Mikki Norris (editors of 'The West Coast Leaf); Steve Bloom (author of 'Reefer Movie Madness'); Lynnette Shaw (founder of the Marin Alliance For Medical Marijuana); Josh Schimberg (TX NORML); Irv Rosenfeld (author of 'My Medicine"); Jack Herer (author of 'The Empror Wears No Clothes'); and Keith Stroup (founder of NORML). Musical artists featured: Cannabis Chorus - Afroman - Jet Baker Kevin 'Bloody' Wilson - The Killing Time Band

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