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The 2013 Global Hemp Summit - PT 003

November 13, 2013115 min
First broadcast: August 16 - Conference Three THE INTERNATIONAL TIES THAT BIND US ALL ARE STRONGER THAN HEMP-ROPE Moderators Michael Krawitz - United States Executive Director of Veterans For Marijuana Access Jeffery Dhywood - United States Author of: 'World War D - The Case Against Prohibition' Panelist: Judge James Gray - United States Vice Presidential Candidate - for the Libertarian Party Hannah Hetzer - United States and Latin America Policy Manager of the Americas at the Drug Policy Alliance Sanho Tree - United States Director of the Drug Policy Project Heather Haase - United States International Drug Policy Consortium, Harm Reduction Coalition Gloria Lai - Asia Senior Policy Officer of the International Drug Policy Consortium John Collins - England Department of International History at the London School of Economics Allen Clear - United States Executive Director of the Harm Reduction Coalition

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