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Increasing Fruits & Veggies in Your Diet

June 21, 20169 min
Learn ways to increase your consumption of fruits and vegetables.Fresh fruits and vegetables are fantastic for skin health. The fibers within are great for you digestive tract. They contain the kind of carbs your body craves. How can you branch out from the bag of salad and sack of apples to stay excited about eating produce?You can buy pre-washed and pre-cut produce and use it in stir fry, soups and salads. There are options for all levels of convenience: fresh, frozen, canned, dehydrated. You can visit farmer's markets and farm stands. Take the kids to a grove or farm where you can pick your own produce.Make your produce easy to eat. Fresh smoothies supply fiber. Wash and roast root vegetables. Prepare your fruits and veggies so your kids will snack on them, which may mean you're cutting and blanching that broccoli before putting it in a container in the fridge. Cut fun shapes with a spiral slicer or garnishing knife. Be sure you wash delicate berries like red and golden raspberries right before consumption.Listen in as Dr. Felicia Stoler advises on how to get more produce in your diet this summer.

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