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Alex Skeshunoff Guide To Paradise

September 13, 201511 min
In the late 1990’s Sheshunoff was living in New York and working for an internet startup that was cash-rich but prospects-poor. After a panic attack landed him in the hospital, Sheshunoff did what any sane person would do—he quit his job, broke up with his girlfriend, gave up his apartment, and bought a one-way, open-ended ticket to Yap, a small, remote island in the Pacific. Sheshunoff was determined to find Paradise, an idyllic place with white beaches and palm trees reminiscent of the photo he saw everyday on his computer screensaver. Now, Alex shares his incredible story and pretty-hard-won wisdom in a book that will surprise you, make you laugh, take you to such unforgettable islands as Yap and Pig, and perhaps inspire your own move to an island with only two letters in its name. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Alex Sheshunoff has been published in National Geographic, Adventure, Slate.com, and more. Before turning to writing, he ran an internet company which was featured in The New York

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