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Amy Foster The Rift Uprising

November 15, 201616 min
From the very first scene, Amy S. Foster’s THE RIFT UPRISING will pull you into a world full of danger and secrets, as one young woman discovers the monsters she’s always fought against might be monsters she needs to fight for. The first book in a trilogy, THE RIFT UPRISING is already garnering major attention with two blockbuster producers, Michael Sugar (Spotlight, The Knick) and Ivan Reitman (Up in the Air, Ghostbusters) signed on for a movie version. “I was sucked into this novel from the get-go,” says David Pomerico, the acquiring editor. “Ryn is just such a fascinating heroine, the action is fantastic, and I’m sure readers will be carried along by Amy’s incredible ability as a lyricist, just as I was.” And when David says “lyricist,” he’s not speaking metaphorically. For while THE RIFT UPRISING marks Foster’s science fiction debut, she has long been a force in the creative world, most notably as Michael Bublé’s writing partner and the author of the critically-acclaim

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