Unplugged & Totally Uncut

Author Erika Grey

February 11, 201434 min
I grew up fearing the art of growing up. Preacher's pushed into my head and heart every reason to be afraid of walking into an unknown future. The world would one day be at war. How did I know this? I'm from Montana. Home of the Minute Man Missile. Those fire rockets were in my my backyard pointed straight for the soul of Russia. Today more than ever...the world has returned to a very dangerous state of discussion. Or has it? One third of the Bible is prophetic. The Bible's last book, the Revelation, predicts the events leading to the end of the world. It provides the details for the Tribulation, which occurs during a seven year period of wars, plagues, earthquakes and calamites, which end in the battle of Armageddon. Part of the earth's judgments happen through a dictator who rises to power from a powerful world empire forecasted by the Prophets. Evangelical Christians customarily refer to this leader as The Antichrist. The Seat of The Antichrist: Bible Prophecy and The European Union identifies the European Union as the Final World Empire and explains what the Scriptures predict about the end times including the meaning behind the mysterious figurative language used by the Prophets. In addition, the reader discovers the relationship between the ancient prophetic writings, the European Union and today's current affairs. No book dealing with Bible Prophecy provides such in-depth analysis and extensive research as The Seat of the Antichrist: Bible Prophecy and The European Union, providing the reader with a gripping, riveting expose. http://www.amazon.com/The-Seat-Antichrist-Prophecy-European-ebook/dp/B003BVJ1JG

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