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Author Joe Hill

January 18, 20158 min
Joe Hill is the award-winning fantasy/horror author whose novels include Heart-Shaped Box (2007) and NOS4A2 (2013). He's also the oldest son of novelists Stephen King and Tabitha King. Born Joseph Hillstrom King (named after a labor leader), he graduated from Vassar College, went to graduate school at Columbia University and began his professional career in 1997. For ten years he published short stories in magazines and won critical praise, all the while keeping his identity separate from that of his famous parents. By the time his first novel was published in 2007 (Heart-Shaped Box), the cat was out of the bag; by then he'd proved himself as an author on his own merits. He followed with the novels Horns in 2010 and NOS4A2 in 2013, both of which landed on the New York Times bestseller list. His other work includes the story collection 20th Century Ghosts (2005) and the comic book Locke & Key (2008). His novel Horns was made into a mind-bending midnight movie starring Daniel Radcliffe,

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