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Beatles Animator Ron Campbell

September 14, 201520 min
In 1964 the Beatles invaded the United States, performing for 73 million people on the Ed Sullivan Show and dominating the US pop charts for years. Now over five decades later, the Fab Four continue to be the most celebrated musical group in Rock history. Ron Campbell, director of the 1960’s Saturday Morning Beatles Cartoon series and animator of the Beatles film Yellow Submarine will make a rare personal appearance at Charlotte Fine Art Gallery at 7510 Pineville-Matthews Road in Charlotte, Friday, September 18th through Sunday, September 20th. Ron will showcase his original Beatles cartoon paintings created specially for the show and create new Beatles pop art paintings live at the exhibit. The exhibit is free and all works are available for purchase. Who: Ron Campbell, Director of the Beatles 1960’s Saturday Morning Cartoon series and animator of film Yellow Submarine. Also involved in Scooby Doo, Rugrats, Smurfs, Winnie the Pooh, Flintstones, Jetson’s, George

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