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Brad Kelly From Bad Santa 2

February 15, 201724 min
While the naïve and lonely Thurman Merman is the heart of the Bad Santa franchise, actor Brett Kelly concentrated on his character’s stomach while prepping for the second film in the Billy Bob Thornton-starring series. “I put on 40 pounds before the start of the shoot,” he says. “I ate anything I could get my hands on. But then it was two months in Montreal — the greatest town for disregarding your health — so I put on another 15 during the shoot. It was 50, 55 pounds by the end. The fun part was before, putting on all the weight, and doing the movie. The pain came after. It took about four months to put on and then I’d say about twice that to take it all off.” The Vancouver-born Kelly was around six when he scored his first professional gig — a Huggies commercial — and only eight when he starred opposite Billy Bob Thornton in 2003’s foul language-filled Bad Santa. “Everyone thinks I was scarred for life from Billy Bob,” he says. “But I had five or six auditions for the first one, an

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