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Carly Orosz Devil Music

September 20, 201424 min
It's always taken a little while for alternative music to be accepted by the mainstream, but the Satanic Panic towards metal in the 1980s was the biggest public reaction to music since the debut of rock and roll in the late 1940s. Afraid of heavy riffs and big hair, religious extremists pointed the finger at the scary music that was "ruining" the lives of their children. In the new book, Devil Music, author Carly Orosz explores this visceral public reaction to the heavy-but-harmless genre of 1980s hair metal. Telling the tale of one band's rise to stardom in 1980s Los Angeles, the book examines religious backlash towards the alternative music of the time and the "Satanic Panic" that overtook the public. Transporting you back to a time where spandex and long hair reigned supreme, Devil Music is a fascinating, engrossing read that teaches important lessons about religious extremism, mob mentality, and the gray areas between good and evil. Facebook: www.facebook.com/devilmusicseries Twi

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