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Carmine Appice Stick It My Life Of Sex Drums And Rock N Roll

April 26, 201615 min
Over the course of a career spanning more than five decades and multiple bands, the party has almost never stopped for musician Carmine Appice. The son of a cop-turned-mechanic father and a doting mother, he graduated from the teenage gangs of Brooklyn to become an internationally renowned drummer who invented heavy rock drumming while recording not only with his own groups and supergroups but also the likes of Pink Floyd, Ozzy Osbourne and Ted Nugent—all amid a dizzying, near-perpetual cloud of orgiastic revelry. Stick It!: My Life of Sex, Drums, and Rock ’N’ Roll (Chicago Review Press; May 1, 2016), written by Appice with Ian Gittins, with a foreword by Rod Stewart, at once clears and thickens the fog of debauchery surrounding the hard-partying rock star’s life. Starting with his childhood in a family of six living in a New York apartment built for two, Appice traces his ascension to stardom with bands such as Vanilla Fudge and Cactus while detailing his myriad famous (and infamous)

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